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DEST GROUP LTD. is a Toronto based consulting company, specializing in business development, investment projects, marketing and advertising.

Our company was founded in March 1995, having been one of the first companies in Canada that started to provide services in web site design and Internet promotion and advertising. While dealing with different groups of clients we found ourselves being most helpful to start-up businesses. Working on our clients' advertising and promotion campaigns we were often involved in discussions of their business models and marketing strategies. This led us to expand our services into the areas of business development and investment projects. The fact that most of our clients are entrepreneurs and investors from overseas was a large contributing factor to this shift.

The core of our company is a team of highly educated and experienced professionals, specializing in business development, real estate, promotion and advertising. When it is necessary, we also contract field experts and creative people from different areas of specialization. This approach enables us to offer you a range of services that are efficient, reliable and come at a low cost.


We offer our knowledge and expertise in the task of developing a successful business. Starting with your idea of your future enterprise, we can help you refine it based on current economic conditions taking your resources into account and create an effective business model. If a project relies on the use of real estate property, such as accommodation facilities, industrial or commercial space, we will find such a property for you and take care of the financial and legal aspects of the deal.

Having been working in the field of advertising for a long time, we can say with confidence that we know how to promote products and services, and how to target the right market. We have good knowledge and understanding of the current trends, and we have all the necessary equipment and tools for creating advertising materials for your promotional campaign. This includes development of a strategy for attracting a new audience or expansion to new markets, branding, web and print design, photo and video production, writing, programming, advertising and media planning, and organizing events.

Despite the fact that we generally provide our services to those who settle in the Greater Toronto Area, we can also help you with projects that make use of recreational property in the Caribbean and in Central America.

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Our main features:
  • We have been in business since 1995;
  • We work with businessmen and companies from Eastern Europe who are interested in investing and doing business in Canada;
  • We have a portfolio of investment projects in the recreational, accommodation and other related industries;
  • We help businessmen and their families obtain residency;
  • We produce original multimedia content and have our own effective distribution channels for promotion on the Internet.


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